Honda CB750MHR (RC181)repulica

Masamichi Takigawa. In Japan

I made CB750MHR (RC181)repulica for use public road inJapan.

As I made this bike for ride the RC181 on the public road, this bike is not similar to CR750.
Base is CB750 K2 and engine is standard. I fitted the CR-carburetor and megaphone-silencer. Engine power and response has improved. Hadmade oiltank. I ordered the silencer from England, and converted it regarding the angle and the processing same length.
Because I riding this bike on the public road, the engine started by self-starter. Ducati made "Mike Hailwood replica", I thik I wish making Mike Hailwood replica Honda. I named my bike "CB750MHR".

Copyright (c)Masamichi Takigawa 2000

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