Minarelli 50 P6 Corsa
Aiming classic roadracer

Before modification
In our garden19881997

I like my tiny Minarelli P6. It's light as a feather. But the engine was out of tune. I couldn't ride it preasantly. I asked great tuner Mr.Kawai to make my Minarelli run well. He was interested in this engine. Because this engine has very close ratio gearbox. But it's regrettable that there is no potential in the sylinder and head. He made a proposal to exchange the major parts. Only few weeks after, he finished modify the engine, made the special exhaust chamber, install the inner rotor ignition.
2003 Spring.

There are a lot of problems in the engine.

Cylinder head
Too much volume of standard sylinder head. Very small volume, special head for high compression.

Left : Minarelli standard, Center : FX50 standard, Right : Special

Minarelli standard sylinder is too thin for modofy the form of port. If we want to make the port idealistic form, need install different sylinder.

Left : Minarelli standard, Right : Special

Minarelli standard


Exhaust side
Intake side

Minarelli standard piston has almost flat head. There are two piston ring. Special piston has only one ring. Fortunately diameter of piston pin was same size.

Minarelli standard


Exhaust system

Under construction

Ignition system

Under construction

2003 25/May Tsukuba circuit 2004 12/Sept Sportsland SUGO 2004 11/Oct Tsukuba circuit (C)ALLSPORTS.JP

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